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Our Members
Yuisze Wong
Principal of Studio Ruei
Johnny Shum
Creative Director of MAKE IT WORKS LTD.
Janva Kwok
Co Founder of Studio 21 Co. Ltd.
Kason Chung
Design Director of 1sec. Left design Studio Ltd.
Kenwin Chan and Kevin Mok
Designer of KS Studio Ltd
Danny Cheng
Design Director of Danny Cheng Interiors Limited
Alvin Lee
Founder of Studio Melt Limited
Tommy Choi
Design Director of Tommy Choi Interior Design Limited
Ray Hung
Designer of Homeric Interior Design
Vincent Leung
Designer and Project Manager of Win Key Workshop
Oscar Yeung
Design Director of OK Decoration Design Limited
James, Ding Kin Fung
Interior Designer of DKF Interiors Limited
Joe Yiu
Creative Director of Y's Concept Limited
Tidus Chung and Eva Ho
Architectural & Interior Designer of MMH Interior
Chucky Lee
Interior Designer of Blank Studio Limited
Jason Yung and Caroline Ma
Director of Jason Caroline Design Ltd
Chris Lau
Founder of Hei Design Interiors
Christine Feng
Founder of Color Star Design Company
Ivan Wong
Director of In-between Architects
SGS X HOME JOURNAL Interior Design Service Excellence Certificate
The SGS X Home Journal Interior Design Service Excellence Certificate provides you with peace of mind for your home renovation projects. Interior designers who have been certified have demonstrated compliance with SGS' standards for design and construction, assessed under the comprehensive "6S" framework, which encompasses the following areas:
Certified Members
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