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Co-Founder of Littlemore Interior Design
Littlemore Interior Design
LittleMORE Interior Design is a professional interior design firm established in 2008 by Ada Wong and Eric Liu with expertise in architectural space planning and interior design. It aims to create the optimum effect to individual environments by manipulating the fundamental qualities of space, proportion, light, colour, texture and materials.
SPARK Awards
K Design
Muse Awards
Interior Design and Construction for home and offices is our forte.
Asia Pacific Property Awards - Office Interior Hong Kong
Asia Pacific Property Awards - Residential Interior Private Residence Hong Kong
Asia Pacific Property Awards - Best Public Service Interior Hong Kong
Home Journal - Transitions (A Curated List of Must-Know Interior Designers in Hong Kong) 2019
Grand Garden @ Interior Beaute No. 341
Illumination Terrace @ New House No. 207
Alassio @ New House No. 210
Grand Garden @ Today’s Living No. 388
Wai Kee House @ Today’s Living No. 395
Illumination Terrace @ HKEJ 20190731
Grand Garden @ Oriental Daily 20190817
Alassio @ Oriental Daily 20190918
Creative Directior of am PLUS Designs
am PLUS Designs
Creative Directior
Founded in 2014 by the Tokyo Design Academy-educated Andrew Lam, am PLUS Designs identifies its strengths in a client-centred approach that considers their aspirations and requirements first and foremost, before moulding a spatial solution through observation and experimentation. Combining architecture, interiors and landscaping into a holistic vision, am PLUS Designs has applied its unique approach to everything from residences and commercial projects etc.
Awhile Limited
Awhile Limited
'The process of designing something so simple can often end up being a windy path of complexities.. Just stop awhile, awhile; find your beats and enjoy the mentation.’ We are dedicated to conceptualized environments and humanistic to creating sustainable cultural for the residential, restaurant, commercial and hospitality space. Attention to an aesthetics of detail, creating balance through its uniqueness is our vision. With a draws and inspired from traditional design aesthetics, simultaneous exploring into approach with modernization philosophies. We aim for create that will be more enduring and deeply human design experience.
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