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Alice Cheung and Brian Tam
Founder of ABT Design Studio
ABT Design Studio
abt – pronounced as /əbt/, is the pursuit of ideal balance between utilisation and delicacy in design, and it believes everything is about design. ABT design studio is a Hong Kong based design studio established by Alice Cheung and Brian Tam, two young designers with great intentions in bringing conceptual ideas and functional planning into harmony. It provides comprehensive design services from design development and planning application to construction and project management, and has joint venture with a domestic furniture company.
Home Journal Awards 2023 - Apartment (800-1,500 sq.ft.) Merit Winner
Home Journal Top 50
Andrew Lai
Founder of Galaxy Interior Design
Galaxy Interior Design
Apart from the role of an Interior Designer, Andrew is also a registered professional engineer with an excellent understanding of architectural structures and construction procedures. Andrew believes beauty and functionality are just the beginnings of creating a superlative interior design. Quality is as important to ensure an interior design looks good, while at the same time, being able to stand the rigors of everyday wear and tear. Andrew juggles between the roles of overseeing construction progress and quality assurance, to make sure all projects meet standards. He never stops pursuing quality and functionality in design. Galaxy Interior Design is a one-stop destination for bespoke interior design, construction, and management services, supported by a team with more than a decade of experience. Specializing in both homes and commercial projects, Galaxy Interior Design is known for using varying materials to create timeless and quality interiors.
Bosch x Home Journal Best Kitchen Award - Merit Winner
HK PRO ID Award 2023 - Merit Winner
Home Journal Award 2023 - Best Design Silver Award
HK PRO ID Award 2022 - Design Grand Prize
Home Journal Top 50
Ada Wong and Eric Liu
Co-Founder of Littlemore Interior Design
Littlemore Interior Design
LittleMORE Interior Design is a professional interior design firm established in 2008 by Ada Wong and Eric Liu with expertise in architectural space planning and interior design. It aims to create the optimum effect to individual environments by manipulating the fundamental qualities of space, proportion, light, colour, texture and materials.
SPARK Awards
K Design
Muse Awards
Aden Chan
Founder & Director of LYYH Studio (HK) Ltd
LYYH Studio (HK) Ltd
Founder & Director
LYYH Studio is a Hong Kong-based architectural design studio established in 2021, specialising in architectural design, interior design, and branding design services with an award-winning team. Its design philosophy is centred around the idea that "design is an exploration of solutions with imagination, creativity, and aesthetics”. Its design approach is based on fundamental geometries and principles in order to articulate space into architecture.
Home Journal Awards 2023 - Apartment (more than 1,500 sq.ft.) Silver Winner
Home Journal Top 50
Angel Wu
Founder & Design Director of Burgundy Interiors Limited
Burgundy Interiors Limited
Founder & Design Director
Burgundy Interiors is a Hong Kong interior design company founded in 2021. We hope to bring beauty and joy into the home. Our brand, BURGUNDY, comes from the red or white unblended wine from Burgundy, France, which is the perfect metaphor for the first step of a new home. Our mission is to create beautiful rooms that inspire you to live life fully. ​We specialize in creating custom designs for each customer, ensuring their home reflects their unique style, taste, and needs. Our experienced team works with clients to create the perfect space that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and comfortable. Whether you want to redecorate or create something new, Burgundy Interiors is here to help.
Anya Wu
Design Director of Root Design HK Ltd
Root Design HK Ltd
Design Director
At Root Design HK Ltd, we take pride in our dynamic and experienced design team, with each designer boasting over a decade of industry experience. We embrace a spirit of innovation while cherishing the preservation and inheritance of classic beauty. Whether it's modern styles or vintage elements, we infuse each project with a unique sense of luxury through meticulous design and high-quality materials. Our creative director possesses a diverse design background, enabling them to accurately understand and cater to each client's personalized needs. We pay special attention to material combinations and spatial arrangements, striving for perfection in every design detail. We believe that each project is a unique work of art, and we are dedicated to tailoring ideal spaces according to each client's distinctive requirements and preferences. At Root Design HK Ltd., we not only pursue aesthetic appeal but also emphasize practicality and customer satisfaction. We look forward to collaborating with you, crafting your dream home, and allowing you to experience the perfect fusion of luxury and creativity. Explore the beauty of design, exclusively at Root Design HK Ltd.
HKDA brand design awards
DNA Paris Design Awards
HKDA Global Design Award
HKDA Global Design Award
HKDA Global Design Award
IDA Design Awards
London Design Awards
MuseDesign Awards
DNA Paris Design Awards
A Design Awards
MuseDesign Awards
Alvin Lee
Founder of Studio Melt Limited
Studio Melt Limited
Studio Melt founder Alvin Lee studied architecture in Australia. With over 25 years’ experience in the design and building industry, he has participated and finished more than 250 projects. Most of the projects are located in Hong Kong, China, and Asia Pacific. Variety covers residential, commercial, retail, office, hospitality, F&B, and public art installation, in both architectures and interiors. The clients are from private to developers and corporate such as Nike, Kerry Properties, Swire, Chinachem, LVMH, Apple etc. Some of the projects received awards from worldwide in architecture and interiors categories from A’ Design Awards in Italy, Germany Design Awards, Outstanding Property Awards London, Paris Design Awards, Berlin Design Awards, Shanghai Design Awards, A&D Design Awards in China, Hong Kong Institute of Architects, American Institute of Architects, Hong Kong Interior Design Association, Hong Kong Designers Association etc. In 2016, he founded an award-winning design studio, now the studio melt limited, to provide architecture, interior, high-end as well as art furniture design consultancy services, and contracting. With his lead, the team won over 20 international awards last year. Professional and quality are always the elements to make this happen.
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