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Chief Designer of De Stijl Interior Design
De Stijl Interior Design
Chief Designer
De Stijl Interior Design is a local brand established by a group of experienced interior designers. The designers provide professional advice, understand and accommodate the needs of their clients. They uphold innovation and are dedicated to creating comfortable and ideal homes for their clients.
Associate Director of Greyscale Ltd.
Greyscale Ltd.
Associate Director
Inspiring Spaces. Expertly Crafted. Designed-to-Last.
Home Journal Awards 2022 - Spa & Wellness - GOLD
Home Journal Awards 2022 - Spa & Wellness - SILVER
Muse Design Awards 2022
Muse Design Awards 2022
Asia Pacific Property Awards 2022-23
OPAL Awards London 2021
Muse Design Awards 2021
Expat Living
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