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Lily Wong
Interior Design Director of Lusso Design Limited
Lusso Design Limited
Interior Design Director
Named after the Italian word for ‘luxury,’ Lusso Design Limited places the attribute of elegance at the core of its creative approach. Since its founding in 2010, the interior design studio has worked on dozens of projects in Hong Kong and mainland China, spanning everything from show flats, clubhouses and sales offices, to soft furnishings, fragrance design, and the interior design of multiple villas. Helming the creative team is design director Lily Wong, who brings 21 years of experience to the role. A high degree of integration between the interior design, engineering, construction and soft furnishing teams results in a seamless experience and exceptional craftsmanship.
iF Design Award
ADC Best Designer Awards 2020 - Most Elegant Residential Design
ADC Best Designer Awards 2020 - Excellence In Spa Design
Building for a Healthy Life: LG x Lusso Design
Building for a Healthy Life: LG x Lusso Design
Timeless Elegance: Lusso Design Limited x EuroCave
Timeless Elegance: Lusso Design Limited x EuroCave II
Lo Ng
Taste Interior Design
Taste Interior Design
Taste Interior Design and Oneo Collections, a subsidiary brand of K&A Group, embraces the notion of elevating refined taste and creating beautiful moments for its clients. The company believes that each design is distinct, drawing not only from the expertise of its designers but also from the personal preferences and input of its clients. The company excels at customising spaces to match clients' tastes and needs, creating comfortable, aesthetically pleasing and practical designs. They also offer detailed construction plans for optimal outcomes. Taste Interior Design prioritises refined living, acknowledging that successful interior design goes beyond aesthetics and functionality. They optimise spaces, leveraging their unique strengths, and expertly integrate indoor and outdoor environments to elevate clients' quality of life.
Home Journal Awards 2023 - Living Room - Silver Winner
Home Journal Awards 2023 - Small Home Solutions - Merit Winner
Home Journal Top 50
Lawrence Chan
Design Director of Stay Living Limited
Stay Living Limited
Design Director
Since its establishment in 2018, Stay Living has completed over 100 projects for both commercial and residential clients, including interior design, renovation and custom furniture. Lawrence Chan, the Design Director, is passionate about creating novel designs that transcend conventional styles while catering to each client's lifestyle and preferences. His exceptional skills have earned him widespread acclaim, culminating in the coveted Hong Kong Best Service Award in 2021. The company controls its panel and furniture factories in Mainland China, which enables it to develop safe and long-lasting timber materials. Consistency is maintained through a team of skilled electricians, plasterers, carpenters and painters. The plastering team has received numerous esteemed awards in Hong Kong.
Home Journal Awards 2023 - Apartment (800-1,500 sq.ft.) Merit Winner
Home Journal Top 50
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