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Founder / Director of Archix Co
Archix Co
Founder / Director
Established in 2018, Archix Co, short for Architects Collective, is a collaborative design studio based in Hong Kong. We believe in human-centric designs and flexibility in architecture that create spaces like open platforms that adapt to users’ varying and changing needs. We are also in pursuit of a new progressive model that aim to tackle social and economic problems of the city, challenge the status quo of the real estate landscape and create projects with thoughtful designs and merits. Prior to opening the studio, the partners have a cumulative of 10 years of professional experience involving in schematic design, construction details, tendering and project administration. Our current works range from local residential, commercial and office interiors, to overseas home building and residential development through our connections with associated architects and builders in the UK, Australia and North America.
Founder of Arctitudesign Limited
Arctitudesign Limited

Led by Alexander Suen, arctitudesign’s skilled team of interior architects and designers – with experiences in Australia and Hong Kong – is committed to providing innovative design solutions and the best responses for clients.

Designer of FAK3

By conceiving a bespoke design language that is unique to each project, the firm is able to deliver contemporary interiors that stimulate the senses through a poetic harmony of light, space and meticulous detailing. Whether for high-end hospitality or residential clients, FAK3 exploits space in a way that makes an impression, as evidenced through The Ribbon House, for which the studio was awarded the American Architecture Prize 2016 for Best House Interior.

Founder & Creative Director of Haven Design Limited
Haven Design Limited
Founder & Creative Director

Established in 2013 by homegrown interior designer and architect Mary Wong, Haven Design is an award-winning design studio that prides itself on exceptional client-centric customisation when crafting its portfolio of elegant residences and hospitality projects. A client’s lifestyle, background and desires set the foundation of each of Haven Design’s projects; as such, Mary and her team collaborates closely with the client throughout every step of the creative process, from initial discussions about habits to creating mood boards, design drawings and construction meetings – with a mission to create a client’s “own personal haven” reflective of the people inhabiting it.

Designer of Audi Design
Audi Design
Audi Design was established in 1986 by renowned architect James Tu as an all-dimensional company to encompass interior, landscape, building and scenic design. Luxury homes are a recurring theme in its portfolio. Headquartered in Taipei with offices in Hong Kong and China, Audi Design possesses a niche in transforming expansive houses and apartments with a focus on quality and luxury. Spatial planning is key, and in every project, the experienced designers at Audi strive to achieve perfection and unparalleled quality – they carefully consider factors such as proportion, aesthetics, materials and application of colours, executing this beautifully to achieve truly stunning results.
Design Director of EMCS Design Limited
EMCS Design Limited
Design Director

Anthony Lei is a UK-qualified architect and a RIBA member. He has lived, studied and worked in various parts of the world including Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and the UK. With his upbringing and life experience, he is confident to work with people from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds.  After graduating, he spent six years working in various practices in London. Since moving back to Hong Kong, he has worked for some leading architectural practices on projects ranging from high-rise apartments, retail developments, educational and hospitality sectors. Anthony is deeply interested in interior design which he believes is an integral part of architecture. His training and professional work as well as his life experience has informed his design on all scales –  from furniture to interiors to architecture.

Anthony set up EMCS Design with his partner Emily So in 2014. Together they have completed a wide range of projects. While residential interiors form an important part of the company’s portfolio, other projects including offices, retail and community centres showcase the diverse capacities of EMCS.

In EMCS we believe that a place with character can evoke wonderful emotions, so we value the unique experience that a special space can provide. We envision our projects to be both contemporary and timeless at the same time. And they will still look fresh many years after completion.

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