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Director of atelier C+
atelier C+

atelier C+ was founded in 2000 in Hong Kong. It is an architectural design firm which provides design services in architecture, interior design, master planning and project management. The core of the team is formed by a group of like-minded architects, designers, thinkers and friends. Our team is energised by the challenges and committed to create a space where people love to. We use our multidisciplinary experience in conceptualizing the space through narrative of architecture, and more important is creating valuable memories for clients.

Our core philosophy is to #creatememoriesthroughdesign. We believe that we are dedicated in creating a space that are distinctive and engage for the users. We love to work with clients in different sectors, including private residence, commercial, corporate office, hospitality and etc.

Director of Woo Sang Design Ltd.
Woo Sang Design Ltd.

Ricky Li, one of the directors of Woo Sang Design Ltd.

With more than 20 years experiences in offering one-stop service design and building solution, Woo Sang Design provides design & build service range from residential projects, office, shops fit-out to hotel fit-out projects.

Aimed at providing more efficient and convenient services to meet customers’ needs, Woo Sang also establish shop to provide high quality porcelain tiles; and set up domestic furniture factory in Mainland China. Moreover, Woo Sang also develop an online store which provides various materials required in projects.

Woo Sang Designers have gained many different industry recognitions through local design awards.

Our 6500sq.ft head office located at Kwun Tong; two shops at Yuen Long and Ma On Shan; 11 designers and more than 100 site-working labors are well geared-up for providing service to every of our valuable customers.

Design Director


was established in 1997 and engages in diverse scope of projects: ranging from small scale residential, show flat design to large scale commercial works like corporate headquarters and movie launching functions.  As a professional consultant, we engaged a wide range of projects internationally, in Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, Singapore, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia.

Our philosophy is modest and getting to basics is what we believe in. We create spaces bringing out clients the most comfortable atmosphere by understanding their individual preferences.  Seeking for the finest quality and innovations, developing a fresh and unique style that transcends existing boundaries and widens the horizon of design in the visionary future is our aim.  Our excellence and quality of work can be reflected from our well-deserved reputation established.

Our company is organized around a series of teams, each of which is managed by experienced designer.  We do believe our aggressive and energetic designers with professional experiences are able to provide the best services for our clients.

Designer of Artwill Interior Design House
Artwill Interior Design House
Heading a highly experienced team, creative director Regina Kwok brings 15 years of interior design experience to the role, taking inspiration from her extensive travels and the boutique hotels she frequents, and applying a deft hand to transforming large residences, offices and public spaces into uplifting environments. Involving the clients as much as they want, while discreetly solving the myriad of finer details in each build, Artwill’s projects naturally become pure expressions of their clients’ personalities.
Designer of FAK3

By conceiving a bespoke design language that is unique to each project, the firm is able to deliver contemporary interiors that stimulate the senses through a poetic harmony of light, space and meticulous detailing. Whether for high-end hospitality or residential clients, FAK3 exploits space in a way that makes an impression, as evidenced through The Ribbon House, for which the studio was awarded the American Architecture Prize 2016 for Best House Interior.

Designer of Taste Interior Design Ltd.
Taste Interior Design Ltd.
The mission of Taste Design is to make our customer "Dreams come true", to realize all customers' taste
Founder/Creative Director of Grande Interior Design
Grande Interior Design
Founder/Creative Director
Grande Interior Design, found in 2013, is a global award-winning design studio by Matthew Li and Maggy Cheung, with a team of talented and creative designers to enhance the quality of life through spaces that combine aesthetic and lifestyle with functionality and sustainability. We gather insights from research, experimentation and experiences to create meaningful living ways and it is widely considered to be one of the most unique practices to emerge in recent years. We believe in the importance of curating a bespoke look for every property, to create a unique home.
With a breadth of industry experience, the studio works across a range of residential, commercial hospitality, F&B and mixed-use projects with a reputation in producing high-quality designs that are innovative, with a collaborative approach to procure projects on time and on budget.
Founder of FAT Design Studio
FAT Design Studio

One half of FAT Design, Tony graduated from the University of Melbourne with Honours. Born and raised in Hong Kong, educated in Australia with an scholarship to exchange to UC Berkeley, widened his exposure to different styles of architecture while deeply rooted in the culture of Hong Kong.

After graduation, Tony worked in local and international architectural design firms up to senior management roles prior to starting FAT Design, bringing in expertise in designing public institutional projects, schools, hostels, hospitals, retail mall and master planning. Tony is one of the few designers that has actual built experience in designing and construction using the “Modular Integrated Construction”, a new construction system that will revolutionize the Construction Industry  in Hong Kong.

Director of Hei Design Ltd
Hei Design Ltd
Hei Design Ltd was established in 2007, awarded “Mediazone's Most Valuable Services Awards in Hong Kong” in 2016, provides a professional one-stop service about interior design, renovation and furnitures for residential and commercial. Our professional team was assembled by experienced interior designers, creates a unique space for customers.
Design Director of B.R.G. Interior Design limited
B.R.G. Interior Design limited
Design Director

We create something exceptional, your mindset must be relentlessly focused on the smallest detail...
B.R.G is a top-notch interior design brand found and based in Hong Kong. We understand Hong Kong people’s concerns in house renovation or refurbishment due to a significant rise in housing mobility in this highdensity international city. Every move would amount to a huge waste for house owners to dispose of everything and rebuild afresh, hence the reason for our service. B.R.G. was born out of a need to help house owners remodel their space in such a way that it speaks with class at an exceptional designed result. Through our innovative design and space management, we will present a blueprint of your dream house. You would no longer have to rebuild everything from the ground up once again as we expertly plan out the dimensions of the area in which you are interested in renovating.

B.R.G. has provided interior design services to over 200 clients in the past two years. We plan the space with different elements to express the personality of the guests, achieve harmony and coordination of "people. House.". “Human-centered design” is the design focus of B.R.G, thus we would be there every step of the way to provide you a wholesome & stress-free experience, meanwhile ensure a premium outcome.

Trust by Design, Beyond Design
B.R.G. has a broad spectrum of services. In addition to office and restaurant design, residential design and visual marketing are also our focus. Our experienced manufacturing unit and design team also work on custom-made furniture to create unlimited possibilities in your space. A furniture customized to project not just for the surroundings, but the clients’ charisma, dreams and aspiration too. B.R.G.’s services do not just stop there. We also help clients to match accessories, source and place them in the right setting. Whether it's a home, a store, or an office, we aim to provide affordable luxury furniture designs and accessory matching. At B.R.G, we assure offering clients the best design experience and services that they can ever get out there. Besides creating space that speaks volumes of design quality at affordable prices, our passion for remodeling also drives us to use furniture perspective to create human-centered designs that speak your mind.

Designer of KS Studio Ltd
KS Studio Ltd
Kenwin Chan and Kevin Mok are advocates of the power of good design and the atmosphere and aesthetics that it evokes. With 10 years’ experience of executing refined, high-end projects, Kenwin excels at adapting to different design styles and understands how to creatively and cleverly combine materials to complement the preferences and tastes of both homeowners and designers. Kevin focuses on project and resource management, ensuring that each project is accomplished impeccably. Together, their cooperation and teamwork delivers clients a high-end design experience.
Design and Project Director of Lova Limited
Lova Limited
Design and Project Director

Interior Design is about experience.  It shapes the mood and feel of your home, as well as how you want your customers to experience your brand.

LOVA LIMITED is a design and branding consultancy firm formed by a group of enthusiastic people who believe in total experience.  From interior design, branding, marketing and customer experience design, LOVA knows how to realize your home in the way you want, or how help you crafting brand and customer experience along your brand identity.

Mr. Gary Lui, Design and Project Director of LOVA LIMITED, has over 15years experience in architecture and interior design. Gary’s design portfolio showcases projects from apartments in Hong Kong to houses abroad.   His vase experience for retail and healthcare sectors helped number of brands to establish their unique and outstanding outlets.

Design Director of Wams Design Limited
Wams Design Limited
Design Director

With over 25 years of experience in design and project management, he is good at blending modern design styles with Eastern and Western cultural artistic elements to create more personalized, lifelike and unique creations.

Mr. Wan aims to provide his customers with high-quality and professional interior design services. Therefore, he is always meticulous in every detail, from space-planning, proportion, lighting to material applications. He is also committed to enhance overall design quality and to achieve the most perfect results through continuous training for the company's design team.

Mr. Wan insisted on his design philosophy - “Never Stop Creating". To walk the talk, he begins every project with analyzing the relationship between people, space and environment. After balancing the needs of all these elements, an objective and rational design proposal with every detail optimized with aesthetics would be conceived. This creative process naturally builds a comfortable, elegant and practical space that can enhance the customer's savor and quality of life.

In the past years, Mr. Wan has designed a wide range of projects including residential, offices, show flats, shops, schools, club houses, etc. His works are award-winning in numerous major interior design competitions. To cope with this ever-changing era, Mr. Wan will continue working hard to innovate and get prepared for challenges ahead.

Director of Simon Chong Design
Simon Chong Design

Simon Chong Design Consultants Ltd. not only offers professional ideas for interior decoration but also provides a full range of services from space planning, conceptual design, documentation, site supervision and project management. xAs the firm’s chief designer, Simon Chong effortlessly blends the old with the new, the simple with the sumptuous, creating a style that is all his own. Despite his strong affinity to Chinese-Western design, the designer’s approach to projects is highly innovative. His belief is that good interior design is based on combining the client’s lifestyle with the manipulation of living space.

Co-founder, Director of Otherwhere Studio Limited
Otherwhere Studio Limited
Co-founder, Director
Otherwhere Studio is an innovative design firm in Hong Kong, founded by Udo Lam and Frankie Chao. We embrace new challenges with an open heart and a passion for solving problems as a team.Named otherwhere, because we believe that space has no visible boundary, and people’s feelings have no limit. Our design integrates with natural environment, makes good use of nature, in order to explore the inner side of life.Otherwhere Studio works internationally providing retail, restaurant, office, exhibition, museum, hotel and residence design. We help brands and businesses gain a competitive advantage in the world. The studio has on-going projects located in Asia-Pacific.
Founder of Atelier Lane
Atelier Lane
Established by Ellie Bradley in 2008, Atelier Lane is a full service, Hong Kong-based interior design studio specialising in refined, sophisticated contemporary interiors. Whether designing residential or commercial spaces, Atelier Lane has built a reputation on achieving highly individual results for a discerning, international clientele. With a foundation in modern contemporary design, Atelier Lane designs refrain from unnecessary embellishments and are defined by a sense of openness, clean lines, high ceilings and modern architecture which celebrates innovative design. We take a refined and minimalistic approach to our concepts and focus on a sophisticated neutral palette accented with bold pops of colour. To finish a home, we choose statement accents with an emphasis on layering soft furnishings to create a warm and inviting space. Ellie and her dynamic team are dedicated to being different, not for difference sake. We believe in the importance of curating a bespoke look for every property, to create a unique home. OUR APPROACH “We understand how to influence people through details that matter. People want to love their homes.” Ellie Bradley, Founder & Director, Atelier Lane Atelier Lane crafts visual stories that become signature surroundings. Guided by clients’ aspirations, as well as their diverse experiences, the firm designs singular interiors. Atelier Lane understands how to influence people through detail that matters. People want to love their home. It has a profound effect on their lives and is the context for family. They have a deep emotional attachment to their home as it makes a statement about them and their lifestyle choice. People are inspired and captivated by beautifully styled spaces an image of the lifestyle they want. We are a dynamic team dedicated to being different, not for difference sake. We believe in the importance of curating a bespoke look for every property, to create a unique home.
Founder / Director of Archix Co
Archix Co
Founder / Director
Established in 2018, Archix Co, short for Architects Collective, is a collaborative design studio based in Hong Kong. We believe in human-centric designs and flexibility in architecture that create spaces like open platforms that adapt to users’ varying and changing needs. We are also in pursuit of a new progressive model that aim to tackle social and economic problems of the city, challenge the status quo of the real estate landscape and create projects with thoughtful designs and merits. Prior to opening the studio, the partners have a cumulative of 10 years of professional experience involving in schematic design, construction details, tendering and project administration. Our current works range from local residential, commercial and office interiors, to overseas home building and residential development through our connections with associated architects and builders in the UK, Australia and North America.
Design Director of JIP Interior Design Co. Ltd.
JIP Interior Design Co. Ltd.
Design Director

JIP Interior Design Co., Ltd. was established in 2015. It is an interior design company with personality and unique style. Provide one-stop design and construction, and strive to become a customer-centric design.

Provide one-stop service by design and construction. Also provide customers with the best solutions, create ideal personality space, design a unique taste of life and work environment. And take care of the needs and preferences of our customers, know when to let customers participate in our design process, when we should give professional advice, and take care of the customer in the course of the project, as well as the various needs after completion. Eliminate problems and risks from design to execution for the customer.

JIP provides our professional services and ensure that your needs are met within the most rigorous time and cost scenarios.


Founded in 2014 by Mr. Jason Lie, Jason Lie Interirors is an award winning company providing one stop services from design concept to on-site execution. Being acutely aware of the unique living situation of many Hong Kongers, our expertise lies in space planning - making the most out of the space you have by advocating minimalism. Striving to achieve the perfect balance between fun and functionality, we are proud to help you discover the house of your dreams.

Director of Starz Pasha
Starz Pasha

Founded by dynamic duo Maggie and Jay, Starz Pasha Ltd is a design firm that specialises in highly tailored residential and commercial interior spaces across Hong Kong and greater China. A masterful use of light, material qualities and space planning permeates their portfolio that spans private residences, workplaces, education and retail chains. Their mission is to provide top-class, innovative and professional design and build services, with a focus on enhancing clients’ quality of living by improving qualities of air, water, acoustics and lighting through selecting non-hazardous materials that benefit clients’ wellbeing, and to create aesthetically pleasing, timeless yet healthy interior spaces.

The duo is driven by the company’s core value in ensuring utmost client satisfaction and helping them explore possibilities they may not otherwise realise.

Designer of Audi Design
Audi Design
Audi Design was established in 1986 by renowned architect James Tu as an all-dimensional company to encompass interior, landscape, building and scenic design. Luxury homes are a recurring theme in its portfolio. Headquartered in Taipei with offices in Hong Kong and China, Audi Design possesses a niche in transforming expansive houses and apartments with a focus on quality and luxury. Spatial planning is key, and in every project, the experienced designers at Audi strive to achieve perfection and unparalleled quality – they carefully consider factors such as proportion, aesthetics, materials and application of colours, executing this beautifully to achieve truly stunning results.
Design Director of YTO Limited
YTO Limited
Design Director

YTO was founded in Hong Kong in 2017 by Yuki TO, who graduated from the Art Institute of Vancouver in 2007 where she studied Interior Design. Under Yuki’s creative design skills and management YTO now specializes in interior design for residential premises, restaurants and high-end commercial premises throughout Hong Kong.


Firstly, listen to your client. That is absolutely key. Then help the client reflect their personality and wishes into their own interior design. My philosophy is to be true to both the client and the design. I think a good designer needs to possess the ability to transform the client’s wishes into the final product - by understanding the client’s ideas of space, colours, materials, lighting and art form, and then bringing it to the living space or the work premises.

Designer of Injection Interior Design Studio Ltd
Injection Interior Design Studio Ltd

Injection Interior Design Studio Limited is a Hong Kong based Interior design and contracting company, founded in 2012, aim to provide One-Stop Interior decoration service to our clients. “Variety,Logical thinking,Creativity,Natural” are our philosophy.

We make projects in various types, enriching perspectives of life!

Logical thinking
We make a reasonable space planning. We balance the practicality & aesthetics in order to obtain an impressed design!

We get inspiration from discussing with client so as to build an individual and unique residential or commercial space.

Integrate natural elements into design. Make it comfortable, relaxing, touch the emotion!

The company has been taken on a number of projects from 2012. We get involved in a variety of business areas including commercial offices, retail shops, public design, restaurant and residence. We are well recognized for our ability to amalgamate imagination with reality.

Design Director of Once Design Studio Limited
Once Design Studio Limited
Design Director
The founder of Once Design Studio Ltd., Eric Fung, has the experience of handling projects in luxury brands and retail groups (including Richemont - Cartier, LVMH – Fresh etc.) focusing on store design, space planning, budget control and project management. Project exposure covered Hong Kong, Macau, Korea, South East Asia, United Kingdom and the United States. Graduated from Hong Kong Polytechnic University with BA (Hons) in Design (Environment and Interior). His design projects were being awarded with the Perspective award, Design for Asia Award and NTUT Award (Finalist). Our contractor partners have more than 15 years of interior design and construction experiences. Our team has worked with renowned luxury brands, retail groups and international design and architecture firms.
Creative Director of Common Room Home & Living
Common Room Home & Living
Creative Director
Common Room offers a comprehensive design service, creating beautifully crafted interiors for discerning clients. Our designs are often eclectic in style, curated with unexpected paring of new and vintage pieces, culled from our comprehensive collection of international resources and local craftsmen. We take inspiration from each client's unique aspiration and personality, and challenge ourselves to make thoughtful homes that aren't afraid to be lived in. The creative team is based in Hong Kong and led by Design Director, Meng Jing. She draws inspiration from her expertise in vintage furniture and mid-century modern design, and is dedicated to building airy, stylish spaces with soul.
Design Director of Paco Interior Design Ltd
Paco Interior Design Ltd
Design Director
Paco Interior Design was established in 1995 with one founding principle to provide our clients comprehensive interior design services from conceptual design to fitting-out works. We aim to make great possibilities to spaces.
Design Director of Soaring Design Ltd.
Soaring Design Ltd.
Design Director

Soaring Design Limited is founded by Jerry Chung in 2012 and Jerry acts as design director, who is in-charge of company relations and all design concepts, since then. He is experienced in interior design and project management. He is excelled in creating remarkable and unique project plans with a combination of arts elements from the west and the east basing on modern aesthetics, and assisted by latest technology making his design up next level.

Jerry is meticulous in details,space planning, proportion, materials and lightning. Leading by Jerry, Soaring Design Ltd is enhancing its quality of provision of services, to reach a standard of perfect.

“Appreciating life by tasting everything exquisitely” is the design philosophy of Jerry. This helps him in striking balance in human, environment and space, and then proposed different objective and pragmatic design plans for clients. With support of latest technology, Jerry refines details with aesthetics, for the sake of creating comfortable and pragmatic premise for clients.

Jerry has designed a wide range of projects, which cover residential household, commercial office, retail shops and food and beverage.

Jerry and Soaring Design Ltd will keep innovating in this ever-changing era, and equipping themselves for future in different design realms.

Design Director of Tommy Choi Interior Design Limited
Tommy Choi Interior Design Limited
Design Director
Tommy Choi Interior Design Limited is a professional interior design and smart home design company which was established in 1997. We are Registered Minor Works Contractor (Company) under Building Department - HKSAR (Registration No.: MWC1801/2013), a Full Member of Hong Kong Interior Design Association (HKIDA) and the Residential Solutions Authorized Distributor of Lutron, Tommy Choi also received Luxury Ambassador entitlement from Lutron. The designer, Tommy Choi has over 26 years experience in project design, space planning and construction. We have our professional construction team. We specialize in design consultancy service and smart home system including residences, commercial, offices, showrooms, shops, etc
Design director of Aqueous design limited
Aqueous design limited
Design director

Mr. Karf Lau Prior to the founding of Aqueous, Karf possesses more than ten years of interior design experience, having had been in the senior management for a Mainland developer, Karf is experienced in both the local and mainland design projects. With a varied understanding of architecture, interior design, landscape planning, and lighting through a decade of experience, Karf established Aqueous five years ago to provide a wider perspective to clients and projects. He has a strong belief in team collaboration and acts generously with the team to bring out the best sides of all designs. Creativity has always played an important role in any design worldwide, yet operation and project positioning are never less important.

AQUEOUS INTERIOR DESIGN LIMITED were established in 2015. We are Hong Kong’s original interior design firm. With an unswerving belief in aesthetics and experience, we provide our customers with high-quality interior design.

OUR DESIGN describes a group of various yet related projects that involve turning an interior space into an “ effective setting for the range of human activities ” that are to take place there. We are the ones who conduct such projects. Still, consultants, Limited is a multifaceted profession that includes conceptual development, liaising with the stakeholders of a project, and the management and execution of the design. “Minimalism ” is our language for design. By using white elements, lighting, large space with minimum objects, and furniture. Our design simplifies living space to reveal the essential quality of building and conveys simplicity in attitudes toward life.

OUR PHILOSOPHY To create a functional, unique, and comfortable environment, careful consideration of the client's needs must be the starting. We believe the success of an interior design project is a collaborative effort between client and designer. We like to create space that clients can call “ their”

Director of ED Design Limited
ED Design Limited
ED DESIGN is a creative and design-led, design firm which commits to developing sustainable, cost-effective solutions. We aim to bring together creative design solutions to our clients. We have a diverse portfolio of works with projects internationally ranging from Hong Kong to some other Asia countries. Our team composes of energetic and experienced designers. We work collaboratively with our team members and ensure our design is delivered through carefully considered processes starting with the big picture into the detail design and through construction, always with our client’s needs in mind. We offer a comprehensive and client focused architectural and interiors service, covering all aspects of the design and build process from concepts to planning to completion, with respect for both budget and time frame. We guarantee to deliver the best design service with our expertise in architecture and interior design.To ensure that we are well-equipped in providing exemplary results, we make the most of the latest technology, references, and training.
Designer of Moore Chen Design
Moore Chen Design

Founded in 2007 by award-winning creative Moore Chen, Moore Chen Design is an outlet to fulfil his passion for health and wellness as well as to become a major contributor in the green interior design revolution. The leading Hong Kong interior design, architecture, and project management firm boasts an illustrious portfolio across commercial, office, and residential territories in both private and public sectors. Past projects include the Media Centre for TKWW Media Group, L’Oreal Academy, Ngong Ping 360, the renovation of APT Satellite, and the renovation of Hong Kong High Court’s exterior, to name a few. Believing that “design has the power to transform spaces, communities, and economies”, the firm takes on a customer-centric approach to its projects, realising clients’ visions through highly-customised designs that exceed their goals and thus inspire the people who live, work, play, heal or learn within these sustainable and meaningful spaces to come together as communities.

Interior Design Director of Lusso Design Limited
Lusso Design Limited
Interior Design Director
Named after the Italian word for ‘luxury,’ Lusso Design Limited places the attribute of elegance at the core of its creative approach. Since its founding in 2010, the interior design studio has worked on dozens of projects in Hong Kong and mainland China, spanning everything from show flats, clubhouses and sales offices, to soft furnishings, fragrance design, and the interior design of multiple villas. Helming the creative team is design director Lily Wong, who brings 21 years of experience to the role. A high degree of integration between the interior design, engineering, construction and soft furnishing teams results in a seamless experience and exceptional craftsmanship.
Chief Designer of Darren Design
Darren Design
Chief Designer

Darren Au-Yeung graduated from Hong Kong Polytechnic University with Honors in interior design, He set up his own design studio in 2001 after years of service in well-renowned interior design companies including International firm like Cheung Kong Holdings and Kinney Chan

Design Director of B Squared Design
B Squared Design
Design Director

Established by Britta Butler (A.B. Harvard, MArch MIT) in 2006, B Squared Design is a full-service Hong Kong based architectural and interior design firm specializing in residential projects. Together with a dynamic team of designers, it comprises a Cantonese-speaking project manager, trusted contractors and handymen, and carefully cultivated relationships with furniture shops and factories throughout the region. With a foundation in contemporary palettes and spaces, B Squared Design handles jobs both large and small, from initial design through to sourcing, construction, and project management. Whether you rent or own your property, B Squared Design always strives to create a bespoke, unique oasis for you in this busy city, while maintaining a seamless balance between project requirements, budget, and dreams. 

Creative Directior of am PLUS Designs
am PLUS Designs
Creative Directior

Housing a branding agency as well as an interior design studio, the award-winning am PLUS Designs brings a unique visual sensibility to its projects. Founded in 2014 by the Tokyo Design Academy-educated Andrew Lam, am PLUS Designs identifies its strengths in a client-centred approach that considers their aspirations and requirements first and foremost, before moulding a spatial solution through observation and experimentation. Combining architecture, interiors and landscaping into a holistic vision, am PLUS Designs has applied its unique approach to everything from residences and F

Creative Director of MAKE IT WORKS LTD.
Creative Director
Creative Director of PplusP Designers Limited
PplusP Designers Limited
Creative Director

PplusP Designers Ltd (P+P) is a design firm based in Hong Kong. Our practice visualises, designs, and brings to life our clients’ spaces and brands that are high in quality with innovative solutions. The team of P+P is comprised of architects, interior designers and graphic artists whom all share a common passion for design, and a love of learning.

P+P transcends beyond the scope of a design studio, creating multidisciplinary designs across industries in Art Installations, Boutique Hotels, Corporate Design, Exhibitions, Hospitality, Luxury Living Spaces and Retail Shops. The studio encompasses a wide collection of expertise from diverse divisions of the design discipline, aiming to redefine the limits to conceptual ideas and possibilities.

Our practice is run in a personalised fashion, following our Responsive, Responsible and Flexible approach to the changing needs of each client. At P+P we pride ourselves in delivering bespoke spaces and experiences in the image of our clients plus the ideas assembled within the studio.

Founder of CNS Interior Design Co. Limited
CNS Interior Design Co. Limited
Founded by Calvin Chui, CNS Interior Design Co. Limited has handled hundreds of projects spanning multiple industries, including residences, commercial spaces, office spaces and restaurants. The design team has recently expanded beyond Hong Kong to handle design projects in Shanghai and Singapore, with each finished project being highly praised by clients. The company’s great success comes down to the team’s patience and their sincerity in listening to and understanding their clients’ needs, in order to create something to their satisfaction.
Creative Director of VirtuouS Interiors
VirtuouS Interiors
Creative Director

Founded by creative director Lyann Seto, VirtuouS Interiors is a Hong Kong-based, one-stop firm that specialises in interior design, contracting as well as bespoke furnishings. From luxury abodes to medium-sized homes, commercial spaces and gut renovations, the team approaches each project with holistic yet meticulous considerations across styles, space, materials, colours and lighting with the goal to not only delight, but also inspire, clients with each transformed space that is uniquely personal and brimming with style.

Designer of Albert Kwan Design
Albert Kwan Design

Father and son duo Albert and James Kwan are experts at crafting interior worlds rich in detail and unbounded in opulence. Counting among their discerning clients the late and great Sir David Tang, the Kwans draw from Chinoiserie and colonial influences to create a unique blend of lushly textured residential and commercial spaces that evoke a bygone age of sensual indulgence. Their interior design firm, Albert Kwan Design Ltd., was founded in 1987 and has since transformed spaces such as China Tang, Cipriani and the China Club into gathering grounds for movers and shakers in society.

Designer of OK Decoration Design Limited
OK Decoration Design Limited

OK Decoration Design Limited is a one-stop shop for exceptional design solutions. The creative team provides professional insights and diversified design concepts, bringing a unique touch to projects spanning from interiors, residential and commercial spaces, office space planning to furniture customisation. Each step of the way, from preparing a price quote to curating a design direction, drawing to production and achieving desired goals, will be thoroughly handled and supervised by experienced designers, exceeding each client’s expectations.

Design Director & Project Director of ZTWLAB LIMITED
Design Director & Project Director

ZTW LAB is an innovative, diverse and professional interior design team. Founded by Zac and Tim.The design team are full of passion was responsible for multiple professional interior design areas. Finished design projects were including hospitality, large spa centers, office, and high-end residential projects. High-end and innovative design techniques with an unique style for each project. Large-scale project management requirements and quality. Specializing in the professional of the control design quality and value ,Our philosophy is to maximize the design effects. Emphasis on any design project requirements, regardless of type or size, maximize the experience value of each space.


Aims to create some different well being and futuristic life styles,some happiness and amazing feelings of life with timeless experience.

Designer of Max Lam Designs
Max Lam Designs
Led by Max Lam, award-winning Max Lam Designs provides professional and innovative solutions to projects in interior design, lighting, residences and hospitality. Their fundamental goal is to improve people’s way of living and interacting with their space, enhancing quality of life through spaces that combine aesthetic and lifestyle with functionality and sustainability. With a distinctive style that reflects his clients’ character and vision, Max and his team never settle for less – striving always to create something new, to explore, and to innovate. “To create, not to follow” – this is their philosophy.
Director of STYLE Design
STYLE Design
Nik is an experienced Interior Designer, who have expertise in commercial projects and is an adept at incorporating brand’s image to interior design. He has also expanded his expertise to residential projects, seeing both spatial planning and the mix-and-match of different materials as equally crucial in his natural and minimal style of design. STYLE Design & Project Ltd. was established in 2011 and was founded by two experienced project managers in the design and construction industry. We offer a one-step service to assist our clients in various types of projects. Ranging from planning, design development, project management to fit-out works. Our professional team in related discipline will offer genius solutions which best fit clients’ needs.
Director of M2 Exclusive Design Limited
M2 Exclusive Design Limited

Be Alive With Intuition

M2 Exclusive Design is a professional interior design firm over 9 years’ experience, offering complete professional interior design and decoration services for all categories of interiors such as residential apartment and house, office, retails, club house, and etc.
We are committed to provide the most appropriate design and satisfactory service to each customer. In order to achieve the requirements at the most cost-effective price, our professional team is constantly learning to broaden our vision and improve our skills.

Through in-depth understanding of the requirements and expectations of different customers, we will continue to improve the quality of our existing services with innovative thinking to achieve higher quality and enhance existing efficiency. In order to develop an ideal space with high quality, we do our best to improve our service with innovative ideas and excellent quality by understanding different customers’ need and expectation.

Design Director of Pi Concept
Pi Concept
Design Director

Award-winning firm Pi Concept has garnered acclaim for their creative and comprehensive interior design and engineering services across luxury homes in Hong Kong, as well as medium to small residential, commercial and commercial projects.

Pi Concept’s professional team strives to understand the needs of every customer down to the finest detail. From design, material selection to quotation and construction supervision, every stage from start to completion is led and followed up by the team. A customer-oriented design approach also allows for dynamic needs to be catered to; customers themselves can participate in the design process to achieve the most personalised and highest quality design and engineering solutions.

The core of Pi Concept’s philosophy is to offer the most appropriate and tailor-fitted services to customers. Our team is committed to our belief that there should be no hidden charges and projects should be completed within the intended time frame. As such, our dedication to providing superior service at the most affordable price has set a strong foundation of trust from our clients over the years.

The firm has been received numerous accolades in the last few years, including the Most Valuable Companies in Hong Kong, Asia Business Achiever Awards, MH Prominent Interior Designer Awards, Corphub Most Outstanding Enterprise Award and Top 10 Chinese Interior Designers Newcomers, among many others, The firm became also became a member of the prestigious HKIDA and HKPIDA 2 Interior Designers Association in 2019.

Founder & Creative Director of Haven Design Limited
Haven Design Limited
Founder & Creative Director

Established in 2013 by homegrown interior designer and architect Mary Wong, Haven Design is an award-winning design studio that prides itself on exceptional client-centric customisation when crafting its portfolio of elegant residences and hospitality projects. A client’s lifestyle, background and desires set the foundation of each of Haven Design’s projects; as such, Mary and her team collaborates closely with the client throughout every step of the creative process, from initial discussions about habits to creating mood boards, design drawings and construction meetings – with a mission to create a client’s “own personal haven” reflective of the people inhabiting it.

Interior Design and Construction for home and offices is our forte.
Co-Founder of Littlemore Interior Design
Littlemore Interior Design
LittleMORE Interior Design is a professional interior design firm established in 2008 by Ada Wong and Eric Liu with expertise in architectural space planning and interior design. It aims to create the optimum effect to individual environments by manipulating the fundamental qualities of space, proportion, light, colour, texture and materials.
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