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Tang Residence
Hong Kong

“In the 20th century, confronted by the imperative of the open plan, …the corridor is deemed an antimodern tool that encourages cellular, inhibited buildings and behavior,” -Elements of Architecture, Rem Koolhaas. This project explores the changing role of a corridor in an apartment setting. Especially one with an unusually high real estate value in Hong Kong, it is almost arguable to include any corridors for economic reasons. While an open plan layout is noble, there are realistic concerns about privacy in apartments with more than 2 inhabitants. 

We use the corridor as a negotiation device between privacy and transparency. A reduction in length but expansion on the width of the corridor for integration into the dining area. Pragmatism is no longer the only reason for its existence, the corridor resembles a gallery that welcomes visitors. Clear distinction from the dining area can still be drawn through the use of a dropped ceiling, and with a full height aluminium cladding that creates a change in mood and a sense of privacy. Transparency towards the tea room is revealed/obscured while one moves around the dining area as the narrow part of the corridor is sandwiched by the closet and the laundry, making the tea room both connected and isolated at the same time. 

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Hong Kong