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Hong Kong

The design of this 2000 sf penthouse flat served multiple functions for the client: (1) “home away from home” when the CEO was in HK, (2) as a meeting/hotel space for VIP clients, and (3) as an event space for work functions. The client had an extensive art collection that he wanted showcased, as well as a desire to make an oasis in an urban jungle, so B Squared Design had to think creatively in terms of space usage. We designed bespoke furniture for the living room and bedroom that would be both functional and sculptural, and created spaces that evoked the feeling of a boutique hotel, using visually impactful materials, bold shapes, and meticulously sourced one-of-a kind furnishings. 

There were many obstacles in terms of logistics, deliveries, and construction. The timeframe was tight to get everything done. But ultimately, B Squared Design was able to overcome the obstacles by thinking outside of the box for sourcing and materials, and working extremely closely with our amazing project manager Tina Mak of Beehive & Co. to make sure the schedule and high quality of craftsmanship was maintained.

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Hong Kong