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B.R.G. - Garden Vista
Hong Kong



The hottest search keyword in 2020 - “Staycation” may need to be renamed coming into 2021 as a safer and more comfortable staycation is emmersing. You will no longer need to make a reservation to enjoy a hotel-like experience. “Where is it?” This place is our "home" — Stay[Home]cation!! - We will use our recent project “Garden Vista” to demonstrate the way to modify your home and start a vacation.


Tips 1: Create a multi-functions area

A flexible space is the key for having staycation with family or friends。 Taking the house of the Garden Vista project as an example, we tear down the kitchen wall and make it into an open style with an island bar table in white marble to divide the kitchen from the dining area. Instead of a wall which occupies space without further function, an island table provides more room for storage. When there are no guests, it works as a cafe style working desk. Make a cup of coffee, turn on the computer, you can enjoy a quiet a relaxing afternoon like being in a laneway cafe. At the weekend, the island bar table and the dining area can be combined into a party space. No matter a candlelight dinner set up with the beloved one or a big dinner set up with family and friends, the tables provide enough space for placing decorations, drinks and party food. To make the whole design more integrated and extend a wider visual effect, a marble sideboard with the same height and material as the island table is built in the dining area. This little detail design helps make the two areas more harmonious.


Tips 2: Natural lighting creates a hotel stay vibe

"Colour" and "light" are the two important elements that affect the vibe. In the Garden Vista Project, colours commonly used in hotels interior design, such as charcoal gray, black, and light gray are being selected as the theme colours. They make the contrast to distinguish spaces, meanwhile, they create harmonious bonds between areas as they are from the same earth tone. Making good use of natural daylight of the house is more important than artificial lighting. The Garden Vista apartment has comparatively big windows. By transforming into an open kitchen, it helps the sunlight penetrate into the kitchen and illuminate the entire living room. In addition, we replace part of the TV concrete wall into a clear glass wall. Light from the dressing room, which is behind the TV wall, can pass through the clear glass to light up the living area as well. This setting makes the whole house feel like hotel rooms with big glass windows. High transparency also makes the house look more spacious . Even staying home for holiday is full of vigor!


Tips 3: The equation of “1 is greater than 2 “

How can a quality Staycation come without a spa experience? Though the Garden Vista unit had two toilets, they were both very small and impractical. Our Designer made a big move to mismentled the partition wall and combine the two bathroom into one. After the transformation, the bathroom becomes more spacious and even large enough to accommodate a bathtub and standing shower. To align with the hotel bathroom setting, we also installed an enlarged sink and mirror cabinet. These streamline toilet wares are simple and add a grand feeling to the whole design. Most sockets are installed on two sides of the ballroom, hence, ladies can freely set up their dressing table with different cosmetic equipment. Now, Stay[Home]cation becomes more enjoyable with a nice spa time.


Tips 4: Design the bedroom flexibly

Not to feel dull and boring is important in a quality Stay[Home]cation. Take daughter’s room in the Garden Vista as an example. In order to make it bigger to give more flexibility to the user, the designer made good use of the bay window and built an 11-foot-long study desk on top. It creates extended visual effects as well as free up ⅓ space for building an extra large raised platform. The platform is big enough to allow the mattress to move in any direction. The user can freely change the room setting and it avoids dullness.


The main factor for a comfy Stay[Home]cation is to simplify design and create a spacious visual effect. Using transparent materials, such as glass, can make the house visually bigger. Using the same colour or materials on furniture can extend the view to a wider angle. Streamline design can avoid building up a tense feeling in the environment . As long as you master the above points when renovating your house, every day is a Stay[Home]cation.

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